Custom Decoration Services
Custom Decoration without the Hassle
Decoration Options
Look here to help you choose the best option for your project

Look at what we offer. If you have any questions, please let us know. We'll be happy to help you choose a decoration method that shows off your best image and also sticks within your budget in the timeframe you have for your project.

The color apparel you use, your design, how many items and your timeline can determine the best decoration method for YOU. If you can send the artwork or the design concept to us via email,, we can give you a better idea of which method we recommend for you and a cost estimate.

  • No minimum
  • Set up fee required and depends on design but generally starts at $25
  • Cost depends on number of stitches in the sew out so the size and design used will determine the cost. 
  • If you submit your artwork or idea and size, we can give a quote. 
Cut Vinyl
  • No Minimum
  • Usually No set up fee 
  • Films available in solids, prints, hologram (photo to left) and glitter
  • Cost is $5 per color per design
  • Not all designs will work with this method, we need to see your design to determine if appropriate for this method 
Jersey Lettering

 Add Names and Numbers to athletic jerseys, t-shirts, and other apparel of your choice.

Opaque Heat Transfer
  • Can be applied to dark items
  • Usually No set up fee
  • No Minimum
  • Maximum size 8 X 10.5 inches
  • Works best with simple shape surrounding entire design
  • Cost $5.00 per item, any number of colors are the same price 
Heat Transfer
  • MUST be applied to only light colored apparel
  • Usually No set up fee
  • No Minimum
  • Maximum size 8 X 10.5 inches
  • Cost $4.00 per item, any number of colors are the same price
Applique & Tackle Twill

 Tackle Twill or Applique can fill up large areas of your design with fabric. Sometimes bringing down the cost of direct embroidery by alowing substitution of fill stitches with fabric.   It is often used for athletic uniforms and apparel and patches.  Some designs can utilize tackle twill effectively while others cannot. We can help you determine whether your dsign will be a candidate to use tackle twill.


 Add your own personal touch to shirts, bags, keychains, caps, apparel of all types. We can do almost any type of monogram you can imagine on almost anything.  Cost starts at $10.00 per monogram.

Add a name or initials to just about anything to add a special meaning to the gift you want them to keep forever 

We can even outfit your whole bridal party with boyfriend shirts monogrammed with each bridesmaid's name or initials, your wedding date and "I Do" on the cuff. Makes a great outfit to wear while at the salon on your special day.


Volume discounts start at 11 pieces

Set up fee depends on the patch, send us your artwork for an estimate 

Crystal & Rhinestone

We can add Rhinestones or Rhinestuds to your apparel to give it a classy sparkle that you desire.  Custom designs available.  Contact us for a quote today! 

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is where we take your design and burn a screen with each color in the design. The holes in the screen allow the ink to pass through to your apparel. Each color requires a separate screen. Colors are added in succession until the design is complete.

Set up fees apply to each color in your design so the more colors you have, the higher the set up fee will be.

Best value for high volume orders.

Minimum 12 items printed at once.